P20251: Mesh Network Localization

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Unfortunately, no tests were performed due to the closure of RIT.

Plans for this phase included debug and bring up of the Beagle Bone, CC2500, and BNO on the PCB, which all worked independently. We had hoped to show off a function demo of several nodes correctly reporting their distance from each other and their position in space.

Additionally, the on-board CC2500 was not tested and needs validation.

Test Results Summary

There are no new results to report, but we are pretty sure that things might work.

requirements and testing document

Outputs & Destination

Student Led project - no customer handoff required. Materials are located in the CE. Senior Design Lab.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Very few risks were changed during this time, due to a lack of access to on-campus facilities. Risk Management.


Functional Demo Materials

public/Photo Gallery/3drender.jpg

Plans for next phase

See Meeting Minutes for more information.

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