P20251: Mesh Network Localization

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

As a team, we planned to accomplish major goals in subsystem functionality. We were primarily focused on the DWM1001 and CC2500. These have both shown the minimum capabilities we require and will continue to be upgraded to achieve ideal engineering goals. We were also able to begin to complete the PCB, order them, and, as a result, begin to integrate the entire system.

Test Results Summary

IMU is functional with early code. GUI is functional with early code. Beagle bone will boot. CC2500 seems to break the beagle bone boot (under investigation).


  1. Quantitatively summarize the capabilities, performance, throughput, and robustness of your subsystems as demonstrated by execution of the text plan. Document your testing with photos or videos in addition to test data.
  2. Evaluate how well the test plan was able to confirm satisfaction of subsystem requirements
  3. Include snapshot of testing completed to date, and include link to live requirements and testing document

Inputs & Source

We planned to order the PCBs, assemble them, and verify that the PCBs are correct. Additionally, we tested an early demo GUI that shows a board in 3D space.

Outputs & Destination

PCBs were ordered and have come back from the fab. The coronavirus caused delays with manufacturing but the boards look good. Initial board bringup was promising, though there appears to be issues with the beagle bone booting while connected to the CC2500's SPI bus. Additionally there are some changes that must be made to the PCB design before a fully integrated board can be built.

public/Photo Gallery/fullboardsolder.jpg

Risk and Problem Tracking

Some risk around part suppliers was reduced this cycle.

public/Photo Gallery/risk_management_jan.png

The SPI boot issue seems like a software issue and was addressed by the Risk Assessment early on.


Plans for next phase

Three week plans

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