P20352: Foldify


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Foldify is a project that aims to assist individuals with the task of folding clothes, helping put time back into their days. This is particularly beneficial to families, as well as disabled people who struggle with mobility. The main objective is to build a quiet, portable machine that is capable of quickly folding clothing (t-shirts, pants, towels), and then dispensing the folded pile for easy retrieval. The machine should be able to detect the type of clothing and fold them using the standard technique. To ensure the safety of the user, the machine must be enclosed, to keep all mechanical operations inaccessible to the user. The customers of Foldify are the original kick-starters of the project, Musab Al-Smadi and Steven McClusky. Their endeavors are being funded by the Simone Center at RIT. They then plan to market to their own customers.

Project Name
Foldify (Simply Folding Clothes)
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Donald Pophal, dwpddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Musab Al-Smadi, moa1662@rit.edu
Steven McClusky, Email?
Simone Center at RIT

Team Members

Fool's Fold

Fool's Fold

Member Major Role Contact
Ilya Shinkeyev Mechanical Engineering Confluence Lead, Facilitator ixs7472@rit.edu
Austin Dailey Mechanical Engineering Lead Engineer (ME) abd5770@rit.edu
Zhibin Zhou Mechanical Engineering Lead Engineer (ME) zxz2176@rit.edu
Jason Freeman Electrical Engineering Lead Engineer (EE) jlf7809@rit.edu
Eric Beishline Electrical Engineering Project Manager ecb5756@rit.edu
Jonathan Manahan Computer Engineering Communication jam9858@rit.edu
Matthew Leung Industrial Engineering Purchasing mtl5079@rit.edu


For this project, we are using Confluence to document our Senior Design Process. Using the Link below, you can see our progress.