P20362: Pinball Prototype


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A Pinball machine is a complex arcade game with electromechanical sub systems that enable a player to manipulate one or more steel balls on a playing field. The objective is to score the most amount of points in a single game. The main game elements of a pinball machine include player-controlled paddles called flippers, which actively prevent the ball from falling down into drain. The game will be terminated after the ball falls into the drain a certain number of times. Scoring elements such as pop bumpers, ramps, and targets are what maximize a player’s points during game play. The playing field of a pinball machine can be made more or less challenging by the placement of game elements on the field and by the influence of motion on the steel ball. This project focuses on creating a Pinball machine prototype playing field, which enables students from the Interactive Games and Media department to evaluate different pinball playing field layouts for their History of Pinball Course. The goal of this project is to test the concept of control over game play by integrating various playing fields, game elements, scoring elements, and off the shelf pinball components. The end result for this project is to create one or more student-built pinball machines that will eventually be added to The Strong Museum’s pinball exhibit.

For more information please visit our Confluence page: https://wiki.rit.edu/display/P20362/P20362+Home

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Pinball Prototype
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Wellin, jdweme@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Prof. Jacobs, sj@Magic.rit.edu
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RIT MSD Program

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Member Role Contact
Josh Osterhoudt TBD (Solidworks) jdo3639@rit.edu
Matthew Anauo Electrical Engineer (Hardware) mna6939@rit.edu
Aidan Davidson TBD asd2210@rit.edu
Brian Ott TBD bjo2447@rit.edu
Lorenzo Aguilar TBD lla2814@rit.edu


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