P20393: TI-IDE Racing Car Platform



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Currently the CE Department is using the NXP Car for the final project in CMPE-460 to control the car using only a camera to navigate a track. This allows students to test their knowledge of control theory and autonomous navigation along a two foot wide track in . Key components for the current cars are no longer available creating a need for an updated design. Texas Instruments (TI) would like to partner with RIT to create an updated version using TI components when possible that is easily manufactured and assembled. Multiple types of feedback will be needed.

The project’s goal is to create a prototype, with a budget of $1000, which will lead to a final design which can be produced for $300 or less, which should last at least 5 years. The car needs significant physical changes such as weight reduction as well as to be controlled with a TI microcontroller and other accessories. The car will need to be durable, with the ability to withstand multiple crashes. Easy assembly is an integral part of the design, both mechanically and electrically. This is intended to be used in the RIT CMPE460 Interface and Digital Electronics class, but could easily be used by other colleges.


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P20393: TI-IDE Racing Car Platform
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Alexander Loui, acleec@rit.edu
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Louis Beato, ljbeec@rit.edu
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Texas Instruments, Mark Easley

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Daniel Bissett Project Manager djb8939@rit.edu
Zachary Hill Mechanical Engineer zmh1615@rit.edu
Donald Mannise Computer Engineer dsm1028@rit.edu
Erin Lonesky Mechanical Engineer exl2259@rit.edu
Robert Mason Computer Engineer rm1695@rit.edu


This project is currently being hosted on Confluence at https://wiki.rit.edu/display/P20393/P20393+Home.