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Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

In this phase of MSD2, the team worked on finalizing unfinished designs from MSD1 and transitioning to the testing phase of MSD2. From MSD1, there were some unfinished mechanical designs that have been completed during this phase. Additionally, almost all parts needed for testing in phase 6 have been ordered and/or have already been recieved.

Phase accomplishments:

Mechanical Design Finalization

Due to the large workload of the mechanical design work, the continuous requests for more systems by the customer, and the single ME on the project, the detailed mechanical design of the Martone has only just been finalized. Below are various views of the Martone Assembly showing form, fit, and function: Cross Sectional View at Line of Symmetry: Upper Martone Exploded View: Lower Martone Exploded View:

Eventually a separate Edge page will be dedicated to describing the mechanical design philosophy/assumptions/process/features and dimensioned drawings. Although this should ideally have been done this phase for MSD, it does not hold back testing and assembly. The most important models/drawings(touchscreen related) are finalized and ready for lasercutting; 3D models do not need drawings to be printed; and CNC step files are made and ready for a run.

Updated Documents

An updated version of the Customer Requirements and Engineering Requirements can be found here.

Test Plan Summary

The test plans can be found here.

Rigid PCB

Power Block Testing and Speaker Testing


Risk and Problem Tracking

Open Risks

The table below represents the risks that the team has to deal with through out the life of this project. The risk register can be found here
public/Phase V Documents/Risk 4.PNG
public/Phase V Documents/Risk 5.PNG

The picture below represents the risk waterfall until the end of the semester. Much has not change if we compare it to the one in phase 4. The only element that has increased is the likelihood of Phase 5 down because we have added new risk items.

public/Phase V Documents/Risk 8.PNG

Closed Risks

As the project goes on, some of the risks have been closed because they did not apply anymore to the project.
public/Phase V Documents/Risk 3.PNG

Cabling Diagram

This is an image of the first page of the cabling diagram: The rest of the cabling diagram can be found here


The LED PCB from the previous phase has been changed due to cost constraints. The design itself remains the same, however the PCB has been cut in half, making the new PCB much cheaper to fit the budget. Two different PCB's have been made for the left side and the right side which will be put together as shown in the cabling diagram. The schematic and layout files can be found here.

Plans for next phase

High Level Plan

The planning below is a high level one with the important milestones that the team has to go through to make the building a success.

Low Level Plans

Rigid PCB

Aminata Keita

Nandakumar Unnikrishnan

Matt Decker

Daniel Saber

Sylvain Cornelus

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