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Many standard musical instruments, such as guitars and pianos, have stood the test of time due to their ease of use and expressive nature. However, in the advent of new technology, not many changes have been made to improve upon some of the limitations that plague their designs. Often times they offer little variability in timbre and have no way to provide a visual performance.The Martone is a new musical instrument that incorporates reactive lighting effects into sound generation to provide a unique musical experience. It uses touchscreen technology combined with the aesthetic feel of guitar strings to produce each note and features adjustable legs to promote a variety of play-styles. In addition, each string can be easily programmed to produce different sounds or to control sound qualities produced by other strings, all from a mobile app.

In its present state, the Martone lacks programmability and reactive lighting and is limited to only four functioning strings. Its touchscreen also needs improvement as it does not reliably react to user touch as intended. Physical elements such as the legs and body shape require development as well. The major goals for this project are to add reactive lighting and improve the responsiveness of the touchscreen. The Martone body will be altered to fit all components in a more efficient way while respecting the ergonomics and manufacturability of the design. Musical effects and the mobile app are not expected to be addressed by the MSD team. The final state is expected to be a functioning prototype that qualifies as a potentially marketable musical instrument.

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Ken Mihalyov
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Juan Estrella
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Simone Center

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Daniel Saber EE / Buyer des8364@rit.edu
Sylvain Cornelus MECE / Edge Coordinator sc7154@rit.edu
Aminata Keita IE / Project Manager axk4674@rit.edu
Nandakumar Unnikrishnan EE nxu3881@rit.edu
Matthew Decker EE mgd7100@rit.edu
Brandon Simmons EE bos1714@rit.edu

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