P20395: The Martone

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

In this phase, it was our main goal to assemble most, if not all, of the subsystems of the Martone and integrate them with one another in order to proceed with integrated test-plans. In an ideal scenario, all of the individual test-plans will have been completed at the beginning of this phase if not earlier, allowing preliminary construction to take place.

Due to the current epidemic crisis and the efforts being taken to minimize the spread, and the fact that the various facilities on campus that have the equipment needed to complete these tests being closed, several of the test plans were not able to be completed, and hence the construction was also not possible. As a result the test results and their summaries are now being shifted to instructions on how they were meant to have been carried out.

Project Plans and Outlook

Based on the current Pandemic, a recovery plan had to put in place to make sure that even though the actual building of the Martone is stopped, we deliver all the necessary documentations for future use.Please find below the updated Plan of MSD2.

Update: Purchasing

Update: Martone Physical Assembly

The Martone is not assembled as the frames were never finished. Some parts are printed, others are not. All parts are in the customer’s hands now as prototyping has ceased.

Update: 3D Mechanical Modeling

The Martone is fully assembled. Newly added features include tripod legs, new speaker grill, new speakers, connector inserts, electrode tongue, and all connectors. Optional models that can be made are the press for the speaker grill and the Martone strap clips. Everything else is done. Drawings for the new tripod holder (what the machine shop would need to machine it) need to be remade as the geometry has changed.

Full assembly photos, cross sections, and important views can be found in this folder.

What was Added/Changed/Improved

Tripod Legs
Electrode Tongue
Speaker Grill

Jacks & Inserts

What was Missed/Overlooked

Update: CAM for Martone Frames

I (Sylvain) had just finished a class on Fusion360 G-code generation for a spoon that needed flipping for two-sided CNC milling. This module prepared me perfectly for the needs of the Martone frame. However, as all prototyping was ceased, I have yet to create the CAM for the upper Martone model as other priorities came up (3D modeling, writing, etc.). I need to create three g-codes: (upper Martone Frame, spoil board pin holes, hole drill in stock). Once these are made the CAM will be completely ready for final assembly in the future.

Update: Speakers

Update: Battery and Voltage Controller

Update: LED PCB Test Results

Risk and Problem Tracking

Refer to previous phase trackers here. Due to the Virus the Manufacturing and Assembly of the Martone had to be stopped this semester.

Functional Demo Materials

The link to the Phase 7 presentation can be found here.

3-4 Weeks Plan

The 3-4 week plans put into more details what each team member have been working this phase and what they are planning on working on next phase. Please refer to the file here.

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