P20395: The Martone

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Phase II

The team planned and executed the following in this phase:


The excel document can be found here.

Learning Outcomes:

Functional Decomposition

Below is a top-down depiction of the anticipated operation of the Martone broken into various sub-functions. Each function describes how the function above it will be achieved as well as why the functions below it need to be achieved.

Transformation Diagram

The transformation diagram shows how the Martone functions convert the inputs into outputs in a logical sequence.

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

A detailed document reviewing the initial feasibility done in this phase can be found here.

Morphological Chart and Concept Selection

The morphological chart visually lists the brainstormed solutions to each function shown in the functional decomposition and transformation diagram. The Morphological Chart excel document can be found here.

Systems Architecture

Hardware Systems: Main Code:

Scanning Code:

Timing Diagram:


One of the main designs the team came up with this phase was to recess the layers of the touchscreen within the Martone body(frame). There are a few options within this design with regards to the clamp, pin, or adhesive method as well as potentially using a cover plate to help the polycarbonate protective layer look clean and simple.

More detail on the designs from this phase can be found in the Systems Design Review Presentation.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment document can be found here.

Design Review Materials

The Systems Design Review Presentation can be found here.

Notes/Feedback/Action Items:

Plans for next phase

Our team will take the current initial feasibility and continue with a detailed feasibility analysis of each brainstormed concept that has pursuable potential. We will have put together our first draft of a bill of materials and an initial touchscreen test plan. We will be looking at specific components when the research has pointed us to a solution we all agree on (see non-highlighted rows on Pugh Chart). We want to have a first-pick for the microcontroller by end of next phase and begin analyzing the initial feasibility of the interplay of different system-level solutions.

A link to the team's 3-week plan document can be found here.

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