P20422: Black Soldier Fly Composter Improvements

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

For this first phase of MSD2 we planned on ordering all of the materials needed to build our composter. As a team we also planned to reevaluate our test plans, update our risks, revise our project schedule, and tie up any loose ends from the previous semester.

By the end of this phase we ordered most of the materials needed for the next phase. We have received our first shipments, and are waiting for the remaining parts to arrive. All deliverables for this phase have been completed and can be reviewed below.

Test Plan Summary

Test plans and applicable standards were created in MSD1. No changes were identified in the Build & Test Prep phase, but we will continue to monitor its accuracy in the following phases.

Order Summary

In this phase we ordered the majority of our materials. The major hang ups we experienced were finding approved vendors that sell the materials we need. We currently have about half of our required materials in our posession, and it's enough for us to start building some subsystems. Our 80/20 materials are have been ordered, after some issues with the PICS ordering system and MSD office. Lastly we need to find an approved vendor that sells the materials needed for the frass removal system.
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Risk Assessment

New risks are added when identified. Each risk's importance is rescored at the end of each phase when circumstances change their likelihood or severity. The following risks were identified in the Build & Test Prep phase:
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An updated Risk Table with all identified risks can be found using the following link: Updated Risk Table.

Problem Tracking

The team created a procedure/document to tackle problems as efficiently as possible: Problem Tracking.

Schedule Update

Build & Test Prep and Subsystem Build & Test

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Integrated System Build & Test and Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Overview of Changes

Design Review Materials

The agenda for the detailed design review presentation can be downloaded using the following link: Agenda.

The detailed design review presentation can be downloaded using the following link: Presentation.

Plans for next phase

Individual 3-Week Plans

Each team member provided their vision for the next phase(s) and how they plan to achieve it:

Nicholas Balcomb

Tara Marshall

Elizabeth Maeder

Samantha Porten

Grant Pearce

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