P20422: Black Soldier Fly Composter Improvements

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

For this last and final phase, the team planned on finalizing our test plans and manufacturing plans. We had also planned on finishing off the technical paper and poster. As a team, we had planned to finalize any other documents that we needed to pass off. After being reviewed, the team took any notes we received about our technical paper and implemented them right away to finalize the paper. At this point we are waiting on one final review with our customer and guide to make sure there is nothing else to fix. The poster and lightning talks video have been created and voiced over.

Test Results Summary

 Test Results Summary

Test Results Summary

The detailed results for individual engineering requirements can be found here:Test Plan Results.

Risk and Problem Tracking


The final Risk Table with all identified risks can be found using the following link: Updated Risk Table.

For our project, with everything coming to a close, all risk importances have been reduced to 0. However, if the project is continued, and the composter was built some of the risks will remain relevant. For instance, there is a lot of uncertainty with the BSFL behavior, there will be risks building and assembling the subsystems, as well as other relevant risks.

Problem Tracking

Updated Problem Tracking Worksheet: Because the project is coming to an end, all project issues were concluded/resolved.

Final Project Documentation

CAD Model

public/Photo Gallery/design recap.PNG

Prototype CAD Model: CAD Model (.stp)

Manufacturing/Assembly Plans

Frame Subsystem

Completed Frame Subsystem

Completed Frame Subsystem

Frame Assembly Drawings: Drawing Packet

Frame Manufacturing/Assembly Plans: Plans

Hopper Subsystem

Hopper Subsystem

Hopper Subsystem

Hopper Layout Drawings for CNC: Layout

Hopper Assembly Drawings: Drawing Packet

Hopper Manufacturing/Assembly Plans: Plans

Frass Removal Subsystem

Frass Removal Subsystem

Frass Removal Subsystem

Frass Removal Assembly Drawings: Drawing Packet

Frass Removal Manufacturing/Assembly Plans: Plans

Larvae Removal Subsystem

Larvae Removal Subsystem

Larvae Removal Subsystem

Larvae Removal Manufacturing/Assembly Plans: Plans

Presentation Documents

Tech Paper


Lightning Talks

Recommendations for Future BSF Teams

There is ample future work that could be done if the project were continued. Because our project was limited due to COVID-19, the composter could still be built and tested under working conditions. In addition to testing the BSFL larvae in the composter, additional experiments could be performed to gain a better understanding of their behavior. If the project were to be scaled up to meet RIT’s food waste, it would be beneficial to make the composter safer to operate for individuals of various heights. Early in the project, we brainstormed an adjustable frame design that would allow the frame to move up and down using pneumatic cylinders or pulleys. However, due to the cost constraint, we decided against this addition. Future teams could determine a more cost-effective way to adjust the height, or minimally to determine the optimal height that would allow the greatest percentage of the population to operate the composter safely. Future work can also be done in the RIT shed and implementing Black Soldier Fly breeding lights so new larvae don’t need to be continuously purchased. Lastly, once the optimal dimensions and subsystems are determined, opportunities could be explored to reduce the manufacturing and material cost. The physiology of BSFL can be furthered research to better understand the larvae migration and increases larvae collection to 100%. Visit the Entomological Society of America for future research.

Recommendations for Future MSD Teams

Meeting Minutes

Meeting 4/30/202 @ 9:00 am (end 10:00) via Skype

Meeting 4/24/2020 @ 12:30 pm (end 3:00) via Skype

Meeting 4/23/2020 @ 10:00 am (end 10:30) via Skype

Meeting 4/21/2020 @ 9:30 am (end 10:00) via Skype

Meeting 4/16/2020 @ 10:00 am (end 10:30) via Skype

Meeting 4/11/2020 @ 2:00 pm (end 8:00 pm) via Skype

Meeting 4/09/2020 @ 10:00 am (end 10:20) via Skype

Meeting 4/07/2020 @ 10:00 am (end 10:25) via Skype

Meeting 4/02/2020 @ 9:00 am (end 9:45) via Skype

Larva removal system: Not completed

I.e. measurement dimensions are certain. Amount of food larva consume is not certain

The project could be handed off to ESW unless there is a new design opportunity, then it can go through another iteration of MSD New PRP could include BSF breeding area ontop Send the customer drafts for review

Plans for Wrap-up

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