P20571: Solar Radio Telescope Callisto Solar Spectrograph

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

Our goal for this phase was to clear up any uncertainty with any design choices going forward and to finalize any design ideas we have before moving on to MSD II. This required documenting each component of the system that would stay the same as well as each component that would be modified or reworked entirely. These modified or reworked design elements then needed to be further elaborated on such that work on those elements can begin in 2020.

During this phase, we accomplished most of everything that we set out to do. We were able to finally decide which components of the previous design would remain intact going forward to integration and implementation next semester. We were also able to come up with a detailed design of some new elements to the design, but some new elements have not yet been elaborated on, including the RF switch to perform calibration of RF data at startup.

Detailed Design Elements

Sun Tracker Software Design Details

General Software Design

UI Design Guidelines

Sun tracking

Dish scheduling

Data management

System Status Indicator

Power Loss Management

Hardware Design Details

Outdoor Equipment Protection

Motor Control, Sensor Calibration and Safety

Bill of Material (BOM)

Design and Flowcharts

Main UI Window

Graph Viewer Window

Log Viewer Window

Dish Position Viewer Window

Risk Assessment


Design Review Materials



Plans for next phase

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