P20603: 3D Braiding Machine

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff


Test Results Summary

Tests needed to satisfy customer requirements: (The final document can be found here:Test Plans)

Tests needed to ensure machine functionality: (The final document can be found here:Test Plans - Not CR Connected (pdf) or Test Plans - Not CR Connected (excel))

Design vs. Requirements

Here is the Final Design vs Requirements document.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Please see our Risk Management final document.

Please see our problem tracking final document.

Final Project Documentation

Design Documentation Implementation Validation


Mechanical Drawings

Electrical Schematics

Software Diagrams





Test Plans

Software Work Flow

Preliminary Testing

Design vs. Requirements

(also see test plans)

Master Document Screenshot

Master Document Screenshot

Here is our Master Document

Technical Paper Screenshot

Technical Paper Screenshot

Here is our Technical Paper

Lightning Presentation Screenshot

Lightning Presentation Screenshot

Here is the link to the lightning video https://youtu.be/K29QUEaH1wI

Poster Screenshot

Poster Screenshot

Here is our team Poster

Screenshot from Testing (Please see videos!!)

Screenshot from Testing (Please see videos!!)

This Video Folder shows various stages of testing.

Screenshot of our Hardware Status

Screenshot of our Hardware Status

Here is the Hardware Status document which indicates where we left things in the MSD room.

Screenshot of Bill of Materials (first few rows)

Screenshot of Bill of Materials (first few rows)

Here is the final BOM.

Final Review Materials

Here are the Notes and Action Items from the review

Our customer is double checking to make sure he can access our Shared Google Drive with all of our content in it. Other than that, he seems comfortable with documentation handoff.

Some files are too large to be downloaded from EDGE (code, CAD, etc.). The next team will have to get them either directly from the EDGE repository or from our Shared Google Drive.

Plans for Wrap-up

Final Plans

Final Plans

Future Team Recommendations

For the Mechanical Team:

(Solidworks is used for CAD, familiarity with Solidworks would be very helpful)
  1. Finish manufacturing
    1. Post-ops on Rev 2 of the HG Bed [20-006]
    2. Finish 3 solenoid rails (need to find more material) [20-011]
    3. Mandrel mover
    4. Tensioner components
    5. Calibration board [23-000]
    6. Print remaining uC brackets [50-004] and solenoid driver holders [20-016]
  2. Assemble per Master Document
  3. Follow Test Plans
    1. First non-CR related (start with full integration test, T6)
    2. Then CR-related
  4. Troubleshoot any issues
  5. Finish minor design tasks (see Master Document)

For Controls Team:

  1. There should be at least 2 CEs (One should know TCP/IP)

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