P20603: 3D Braiding Machine

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Intellectual Property Considerations

At this time, our team does not expect IP to be generated that would warrant additional protections, such as a patent. Additionally, there are no IP restrictions or requirements associated with our project, and there are no portions of the project that must be kept confidential.

Team Setup

Member Role Contact
Asa Chambal-Jacobs Primary Point of Contact/ IE amc8339@g.rit.edu
Angus "Gus" Guider Primary Purchaser/ ME asg7140@g.rit.edu
Brandon Key Lead Control Systems Engineer/ CE bxk5113@g.rit.edu
Allison Moulton Lead Mechanical Systems Engineer axm7254@g.rit.edu
Islambek "Isaac" Mussayev Primary Facilitator/ ME ixm5992@g.rit.edu
Shehaab Razvi Electrical Engineer ssr8907@g.rit.edu
Ryan Walter Project Manager/ Leader/ ME rjw8222@g.rit.edu

Team Values and Norms

Purpose: The intent of the following values and team norm rubric is to define the team's expectations of its members and use it as a consistent basis for peer reviews.

Team Values

Effort / Commitment
Each team member will be aware of the schedule and help the team work towards producing the deliverables on time. The work is divided up evenly within the team, and members will work ahead if they anticipate an upcoming increase in their workload.
Punctuality / Attendance
Each team member will arrive at the team meetings on time and staying for the full duration. If an unexpected conflict arises, the absent team member will the team via slack (the team's chosen messaging platform).
Respect / Teamwork
Each team member will show respect for all other members, including their opinions. Team members will be open to giving and receiving constructive criticism. Concerns or conflict with another member should first be addressed within the team before seeking help from the guides or professors. Each member should be confident in his or her worn, but not arrogant and should genuinely care about the success of the group and of the individuals in it.
Each team member should complete their work accurately and in a way that can be easily checked for accuracy by peers and the faculty guides. All work should be documented in a way that is easy to follow.
Each team member will complete their tasks thoroughly and completely, so that the work does not have to be re-done by a peer on the team. If a member does not know how to complete a task, feels overwhelmed, or needs assistance then the member should notify peers, and seek assistance either from a peer, the faculty guide, a faculty consultant, or another person as soon as they realize it is too much for them alone.
Professionalism / Ethics
Each team member should give credit where credit is due. All completed work includes citations to appropriate literature, or sources of assistance. If a team member has used a publication or individual for guidance, it is fully documented in the reports prepared. Each team member is honest and trustworthy in their dealings with their peers.

Team Norms: Peer Assessment Rubric

Value Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Effort / Commitment Does not complete necessary tasks even when specifically asked, is unwilling to help the team resolve issues. Completes less than his/her fair share of work. Completes tasks, but often needs to be asked to do so. Is unaware of what needs to be done to meet deadlines. Effort has been shown, but there is room for improvement in the next evaluation period. Recognizes what work needs to be done to keep the team on track to meet deadlines. Signs up to do an appropriate amount of work and completes these tasks. Completes his/her fair share of work, which includes more than the bare minimum outlined by MSD homework assignments. The member is cognizant of their upcoming individual workload, and tries to get ahead if they know the next week will be busy. Recognizes what work needs to be done to keep the team on track to not only meet deadlines, but also to be in a good spot to complete the next steps of the process. Signs up to do an appropriate amount of work and completes these tasks, and offers help to members that are struggling. The member is cognizant of their individual upcoming workload as well as the team's upcoming workload, and tries to get ahead if they know the next week will be busy.
Value Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Punctuality / Attendance The team member has more than one unexcused absense. The team member is not notifying others of conflicts with meeting times, or has allowed other committments to impede the member's duties to this team. Shows up more than 15 minutes late on more than 3 occasions and/or misses a meeting without contacting the team in advance. It is not unusual for a team member to receive this rating a couple of times during the project.This member's punctuality is not yet a significant burden on the team, but could use some improvement. Shows up within minutes of arranged time, attends all classes, and stays the whole time (unless they notify the group in advance of a conflict, and the team agrees the reason is legitimate). The member notifies the team at least a day before a predictable absence or delay. The member always prompt and present, makes sure to notify the team more than several days in advance of upcoming excusable absences, and works to make sure it will not adversely affect the team's performance. The member keeps the team up-to-date with their workload, and offers help when they recognize availability in their schedule or strain in another member's.
Value Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Respect / Teamwork This member makes comments or acts in a way that detracts from an effective working environment. He/she does not accept criticism in a productive way, and often gets defensive. The team member consistently puts themselves and "being right" above the success of the team. This member may be difficult to work with at times, and does not make an attempt to compromise. He/she does not respect the opinions of others and quickly assigns blame for problems that may occur. Shows respect for the opinions of others and is open to giving and receiving constructive criticism. Brings concerns to the person in question first instead of going to Dr. DeBartolo or the guides to resolve conflict. The team member is confident in his/her work, but is not arrogant. He/she genuinely cares for the success of the group and the individuals within the group. This member actively works to establish a productive and peaceful working environment and demonstrates all criteria under "meets expectations" for respect and teamwork. He/she also clearly helps to de-escalate conflicts that may arise.
Value Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Thoroughness The team member has not completed the tasks assigned, or has submitted a response that is clearly insufficient. The work will need to be re-done by another team member in order for the team to move forward. Some of the work may have been done, but it was incomplete. This is putting strain on other members and the overall project schedule. The team member made some progress towards the task assigned, but not as much progress as should have been accomplished. The work may be done, but the other team member's have no way of checking the results, because the supporting documentation is incomplete. The team member is getting behind on the tasks that need to be completed. The team member needs to make up the missed work during the next evaluation period. The team member has made solid progress towards the task assigned and the work is well-documented. The task is complete, and is well done, though it may need some additional work and refinement to be fully complete. The assignment may be incomplete, but the team member has clearly made a good effort towards getting the task done. In retrospect, this task may have been too much for the member to do in the time allocated, so the fact that the task is not done yet is not due to lack of effort by the member. The task has been completed fully, and is in essentially finished form. The other team members can readily check the work submitted since the documentation is so clear. Not only is the work done, but everyone on the team recognizes that the task is complete with little or no need for additional effort.
Value Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Professionalism / Ethics The team member has committed plagiarism, falsified data, or otherwise acted in a way that is unethical as an engineer. The team member may have behaved inappropriately at a team event, or in a manner that reflects adversely on the team. The members' actions may cause the entire team to fail. The team member has overlooked some references or consistently fails to cite sources and conduct individual tasks. The team member may have been offensive to a teammate or other individual involved with the project. The team member behaves responsibly and fully documents sources and collaborators on all work. The team member behaves in a professional and ethical fashion even under very trying and difficult circumstances.

Please note: some of these team values and norms descriptions were adopted in part or in full from MSD curriculum and evaluated for relevance to this group.

Click the following link for the Team Values and Norms active working document.

This rubric will likely be incorporated when we consider team plus/delta recommendations during Peer Review

Project Plans & Schedules

 Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure

 Current Project Schedule

Current Project Schedule

List of current project tasks, corresponding to the above Gantt Chart

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Shown below is a risk management document that identifies key risks, and uses a combination of occurrence likelihood and severity to determine the relative importance of each risk.

Click the following link for the Risk Management active working document.

Other Team Resources

Additional resources

Meeting Minutes

Date Written Minutes (.PDF) Audio Recording (.MP3)
September 4th, 2019 9-4-19 Meeting Minutes.pdf 9-4-19 Meeting Minutes (Recording).mp3

Peer Reviews

The first peer reviews will occur on 9/12/2019.


Project Reviews

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