P20603: 3D Braiding Machine

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test (Phase 6)


Build Progress

CNC Routing MDF for Prototype HG Bed

CNC Routing MDF for Prototype HG Bed

Assembling Bottom Side, Prototype

Assembling Bottom Side, Prototype

Initial Prototype Integration

Initial Prototype Integration

Videos for our initial integration testing here.

Test Results Summary

Our test plans are separated into Internal (helpful, but not directly related to an ER or CR) which have "T" and the first letter and External (directly related to ERs and/or CRs) which start with "S"

Summarize test results and assess effectiveness of test plans to unambiguously demonstrate satisfaction of the engineering requirements


  1. Quantitatively summarize the capabilities, performance, throughput, and robustness of your subsystems as demonstrated by execution of the text plan. Document your testing with photos or videos in addition to test data.
  2. Evaluate how well the test plan was able to confirm satisfaction of subsystem requirements
  3. Include snapshot of testing completed to date, and include link to live requirements and testing document
T1 - MDF Sealing (not completed yet)

T1 - MDF Sealing (not completed yet)

Inputs & Source

  1. Test Plan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ovlxt7WekZb0-pJecRopyYr1Mb_v8bDOUxTIc0iqxoE/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Subsystem fabrication

Outputs & Destination

  1. Test Results
  2. Tests on our plans have not been completed yet.
  3. System integration

Risk and Problem Tracking

 Risk Management

Risk Management

Problem Tracking - Phase 6

Problem Tracking - Phase 6

Note: rows that are entirely green have been resolved in this phase

The active problem tracking document can be found here.

Functional Demo Materials

Notes from review:

Build progress looks to be on track, we will continue addressing issues and testing as we go along.

This was a demo-only review, so no PPT presentation created.

Plans for next phase

As a team, where do you want to be in three weeks at your next demo?

See our 3 week plans {here} for planned individual contributions.

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