P20620: WindowSkin Primary Packaging

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During this phase, our team planned to finish finalizing our design for our packing solution. This consisted of finalizing the envelope divider design as the first solution at the end of MSD I had a flaw with the original tab design. The tab design was not supportive enough to hold our envelope divider design closed during packaging and required complicated cuts to make the tab and slot profile on the divider itself. Our plan this phase consisted of developing an alternative design for holding the edges shut which included updating our models and drawings to reflect changes made along with scheduling and planning all of our prototyping and testing for MSD II. The goal of making our schedule for this build and test phase will allow our group to deliver a unique packaging solution for the WindowSKins to our customer WexEnergy before Imagine RIT in April while still making our packaging solution meet the required ISTA 3E shipping standards to ensure safety of the product during shipping.

During this phase our team was able to accomplish the following:

-Finalized envelope divider design using glue dot design to hold edges together

-Finalized divider drawings and models

-Updated budget for required materials to build and test design

-Added new risks for MSDII build and test phase and re-evaluated older risks

-Talked with stakeholders (Jamestown and RIT Packaging Science Department)

-Jamestown: started discussion on tooling cost and life and inquired about obtaining prototype shipper to test with

- RIT Packaging Science Department: determined how to schedule testing time and planned time to have new envelope divider design made on RIT’s Packaging Science Department’s cutting machine

-Developed schedule (Gantt Chart) to plan MSD II build and test phase

-Outlined plan to develop and improve cost modeling tool throughout MSD II

Our team was able to complete all of the goals we set for ourselves during this phase. Our next steps to make the envelope divider and test our packaging solution are highlighted in the Plans for Next Phase section.

Test Plan Summary

Based on the engineering requirements, four different tests planned:

For more details please reference the test plan document.

Document with test plans can be found here:Test Plans

Document Owner: Jarod Christofferson


  1. Ensure test plans are in place
  2. Ensure that all applicable test standards have been cited (e.g., ASTM)
  3. Ensure all ordered materials have been received
  4. Ensure team has space and equipment necessary to begin building and testing

Risk and Problem Tracking

Design Review Materials

Presentation Handout: http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P20620/public/Build%20%26%20Test%20Prep%20Handout.pdf?rev=0

Presentation: http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P20620/public/Build%20%26%20Test%20Prep%20Power%20Point.pdf?rev=0

Plans for next phase


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