P20620: WindowSkin Primary Packaging

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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As noted at the top of the Gate Review page, we completed the handoff of materials and documentation with our clients. Multiple exchanges of emails at the end of MSD II helped to insure the handoff was complete.

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff


Test Results Summary

Results from Testing:

Based on the limited results we received during our testing phase, we found that our design holds up well to the intended use.

The only change that was made to the design involved decreasing the number of finger holes from two to one in the smallest size of divider. It also included moving the finger holes closer together in all other larger sizes. This was based on the time study results as it was found that occasionally we would accidentally tape over the finger holes during the packaging process.

The drop test and compression test helped prove that the structural integrity and sturdiness of our design would be well fit for any normal environment that it would be put in. We wish that we could have performed the vibration test in order to see how the design would have held up, but did not have any major concerns about the results of that test.

We have complete confidence that our design is fit enough to work well and as intended for WexEnergy. We have no reservations about the size of the divider or the WindowSkin and feel that regardless of sizes, the design will work as intended.

For a more detailed look at our results from testing please see the Test Results Summary section on the Integrated System Build and Test page linked below.

Page Link: https://edge.rit.edu/edge/P20620/public/Integrated%20System%20Build%20%26%20Test

Risk and Problem Tracking

With this phase all subsequent risks from previous phases were dropped to zero and no new risks were added. As a result our risk growth chart was given a more defined curve to show the course of risks during the entire project.

For any supplementary information on the risks please see the associated live document with all risk data, or the risk section on the Planning and Execution page.

Document Link: https://edge.rit.edu/edge/P20620/public/Project%20Management/risk%20and%20problem%20management

Page Link: https://edge.rit.edu/edge/P20620/public/Planning%20%26%20Execution

Final Project Documentation

Listed below is a compilation of all other final documentation that is to be paired with the Final Handout document, each with a brief description of what they are.

Team Paper:Team 20620 Paper

Summary report on the project and findings throughout the entire term of MSD1 and 2.

Team Poster: Team 20620 Poster

Poster with general overview of project to be displayed at RIT.

Cost Modelling Tool:Cost Modelling Tool

Tool to be used by WexEnergy to help determine the costs and return on investment associated with the two solution (original and new).

Standard Work Master File:Standard Work

Standard work documentation including time study data, layouts, and process information for the new and original solutions.

Functional Demo Materials

All summary information for our project and to be handed off to the client can be found in the Final Handout document which is linked below.

Hand-off Document:Final Handout

Plans for Wrap-up

Deliverables have been reviewed by all stakeholders. The team is in constant email with stakeholders. Any changes will be made as needed.

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