P20620: WindowSkin Primary Packaging

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase


Build Summary and Feedback

Incorporated feedback from Jamestown


-1” extra in length and height

-Allows allowing for easier loading

-Efficiently fits on pallets with some underhang for protection

“Envelope Style” Divider:

-Revised gap sizes for seal to allow for better folding

-Updated sizing to allow for extra 1” space


-Size 3 “envelope style” dividers made with RIT Pack Sci’s Konesburg cutting machine

-Size 3 shipper made at Jamestown

-Assembly of size 3 dividers in size 3 shipper put together. There are10 dividers per shipper

-Tested glue dots. Not strong enough to hold down prototype flaps. Can potentially work better with Jamestown perforating them for production. Packing tape will be used to hold corners for testing

Testing Plan:

-Random Vibration: Lansmont Corporation Model 7000 Vibration Test System

-Shock: Lansmont Corporation Model PDT-56E Precision Swing Arm Drop Tester

-Shock: Hyster E50XM2 Lift Truck Pallet Drop

-Compression: Lansmont Corporation Model 122-15K Compression Test System

Risk and Problem Tracking

During this phase, three new risks were added to the risk table and accompanying graphs:

When comparing all of the risks we found the following to be the highest in terms of importance:

For any supplementary information on the risks please see the associated live document with all risk data.


Sub-Assembly Interface Diagram


Functional Demo Materials





Gantt Chart:


A few take aways from our meeting:

Plans for next phase


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