P20652: 3D Concrete Printer

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The goal of the Build & Test Prep Phase was to construct the X dimension movement system with a motorized extruder, and complete the order for the Y axis parts.

The team planned to complete this phase in 3 weeks, which is different than the MSD timeframe of 2 weeks. To this point, we have completed a prototype of a 1-dimensional prototype using a wooden test rig. This wooden test rig has been used to successfully extrude a bead of concrete. Testing on the strength of the motors has been completed.

Test Plan Summary

Test Plans

The excel document above outlines the test plans used to verify the engineering requirements of the project. To this point, the motor strength has been tested.

Project Management

Risk Management and Mitigation

Risk Management

The pdf document above outlines the risks and management strategies during this phase. This document also contains a method of tracking risks over time by comparing the highest priority number a risk has received to the current rating. For the final Risk Management and Progress document, see this link.



In managing risk, the budget is being closely monitored. The document above shows the first two purchase orders requested during MSD II. Each purchase order refers to parts needed to build 1 dimension of the printer. For the final budget management plan, see this link.



The schedule is being managed using a excel spread sheet. During meeting, actionable items are added to the spreadsheet. When the actions are completed, then a checkmark is added to the box. For the final Schedule Management document, see this link.

Building and Testing

MSD II Meeting Notes

The document above provides details on the building and testing completed thus far. The gallery below contains some content from extruder and x axis testing.

Extruder prototype test GIF

Extruder prototype test GIF

X Axis Test Setup

X Axis Test Setup

Plans for Next Phase

The three week plans for the Build and Test Prep phase review are found below.

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