P20652: 3D Concrete Printer

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Despite the situation resulting from COVID-19, the fourth and final phase of MSDII was productive and successful. In speculation of the school closing, team concRIT made a quick effort to remove the printer and all project materials from the campus. With the project safely offsite, machine testing continued in inventive forms that allowed one team member to safely continue conducting tests about 2-dimensional performance. Additionally, work continued on documentation (EDGE, Technical Paper, Poster, and video). This page reflects the culmination of effort from team concRIT on P20652.

Test Results Summary

Without a doubt, the biggest impact from COVID-19 for our team was testing. The majority of testing came to a halt after the machine moved off campus, in-person team meetings were limited. The test results for marker drawing and light painting are described in the Test Results section of the Integrated System Build and Test page. Since the Z-axis was not completed, there is no test documentation to present.


The table below captures which engineering requirements the printer was able to meet. Those in green are fully tested and met, yellow may not have been completely test or were out of range, and red were not able to be met within the scope of this project.

Final Requirements Table

Final Requirements Table

Project Management

Schedule Management

An effect of the pandemic related shutdowns we faced was the inability to continue purchasing components for our project. The agile build and testing schedule we followed resulted in this meaning that some of the components for the Z-axis would not arrive to the team. The impact to the project is reflected in our Schedule Management Plan For the final document, see this link.

Risk Assessment

Since the state of the project did not change since the previous stage, the risk and problem tracking were finalized on the last page. For the final Risk Management and Progress document, see this link.

Budget Management

Carefully tracking the budget throughout the second semester of the project horizon yielded some interesting results.

Breakdown by Phase

Breakdown by Phase

Breakdown by Category

Breakdown by Category

Budget Cash Flows

Budget Cash Flows

For the final Budget Management document, see this link.

Final Project Documentation

All presentation and technical finalized documents can be found here.

Presentation Documents

Technical Documents

Recommendations for Future Work

Our experience from the design and prototype has granted us a unique perspective on the current state of the project and project continuation, as well as the ability to provide advice to future teams working on this concrete printer. The most important lessons from both our progress and shortcomings can be adequately summarized here.

Future Work

While we did our best to ensure a completed product for the customer, here are some improvements and activities for future teams to consider.

PRP Updates

We have identified potential improvements that could be incorporated into the Project Readiness Package.

Plans for Wrap-up

As the project has been off-site for this phase, a customer handoff is being scheduled so that they receive all of the project materials.

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