P20652: 3D Concrete Printer

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Initially, the young Team concRIT held this statement about the IP considerations for this project:

"As this is a new MSD project, there is currently no generated intellectual property (IP) and the customer has no IP requirements. If a patentable advancement is made during the course of this project, the idea of a patent will be explored by the team. All ideas potentially considered IP will be kept private."

As of the finale of the project P20652 (04/27/20) our new IP statement is as follows:

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working on the design and prototype of this concrete 3D printer. Team concRIT sees a huge potential for where improvements in performance, safety, and scope can take this project. In support of the advancement of P20652, all ideas potentially considered IP will be left in the public domain. We would advocate for any student team to share in the ideas that working on this project produced."

Team Setup

To provide team-wide organization and personal accountability, project roles were selected. Detailed descriptions of each role can be found in the file linked here. A brief description for each role is provided below.

Team Values and Norms

Value Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Timeliness Not showing up to meetings. Showing up to class and outside meetings. Showing up to all meetings ready to work.
Complete Work All work is not done. Arriving with your work done. Work is completed carefully and adds input to others work.
Realistic Tasking Taking on too many responsibilities. Being upfront and honest about what you can and cannot do. If help is needed, ask and continue to follow up with help and suggestions.
Commitment Does not make consistent effort. Contributes to meetings. Participates and provides input in most conversations.
Progressive Meetings Not knowing what we are meeting about. Keeping on task, not disrupting the flow. Goal-oriented and focused meetings.
Resolving Conflicts Mediator is not notified. Mediator is told, and a solution is near. Conflict resolved quickly without mediator's intervention.

Schedule Management

An Excel workbook was created for project schedule management. For the first semester, a Gantt chart template was used. The full Gantt chart for this phase can be found in the Excel spreadsheet. In the second semester, we upgraded the document. For the final Schedule Management document, see this link. The images below preview the documents.
MSD1 Gantt Chart Preview

MSD1 Gantt Chart Preview

MSD2 Schedule Preview

MSD2 Schedule Preview

Risk Assessment

An Excel workbook was created for project risk management. In this document, risks are documented and plans are made to mitigate their impact on the project outcome. The full Risk Management document for this phase can be found here. For the final Risk Management and Progress document, see this link. The images below preview the documents.
 MSD1 Risk Management Preview

MSD1 Risk Management Preview

MSD2 Risk Progress Preview

MSD2 Risk Progress Preview

Budget Management

An Excel workbook was created for project budget management. The project was successfully kept under budget. This document contains several spreadsheets detailing budget related information including Bill of Materials separated by phase, a breakdown of budget spending by phase, a breakdown of budget spending by item category, a breakdown of project donations, a register of all the shipping costs, and a project cash flow diagram. The full Budget Management document for this phase can be found here. The image below previews the document.
 Budget Management Preview

Budget Management Preview

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Planning and task delegation was originally planned through ClickUp, a project management software. After a short period of time, meeting notes and organization were done through Slack and recorded in a Google doc. Collaborative work is done on google drive and final versions of each document are uploaded to EDGE for display and presentation.


Nick Claver (nvc2527@rit.edu) is the customer person of contact as determined by our role selection process. Communication will occur as needed. All emails of team importance will be CC'ed to all team members to ensure clear communication.

Within-team communication began GroupMe, but after a few weeks of Slack was decided on as a better alternative due to its channels and file sharing. Additional meetings (outside of class time) were scheduled on an "as needed" basis

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