P20725: Food Bin Washing Machine and Process


Project Summary Project Information

The Headwater Food Hub is a Community Supported Agriculture organization that consolidates food from approximately 200 local farms and redistributes to customers in reusable plastic bins. Currently Headwater Food Hub cleans plastic bins individually with a water hose and air dries them. This is a very long process that currently does not include sanitization of the bins. The desired state is a food bin washing machine and dryer that cleans bins quickly and efficiently, fits into the provided space, and can be constructed/assembled on-site.

Our goal is to create a machine that reduces cycle time, implements an efficient cleaning and drying process, is equipped to process the two different sized bins currently in use and has scope to include two more sizes that the Hub is looking to use in the future. With the aid of a manual, at most two operators should be able to clean all bins within their 8 hour shifts. This should be able to be built and operated within a 23’ x 26’ space inside the facility. A functional prototype along with all the necessary documentation is the expected result, which can be provided to the Headwater Food Hub by the end of Spring 2020.

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Project Name
Food Bin Washing Machine & Process
Project Number
Start Term
Fall 2019
End Term
Spring 2020
Faculty Guide
Mark Minunni
Primary Customer
Headwater Food Hub
Sponsor (financial support)
RIT, Headwater Food Hub

Team Members

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Member Role Contact
Jenna Levitt Project Manager jxo7406@rit.edu
Stefan Nartz Electrical Systems Lead Engineer spn6934@rit.edu
Ovais Ahmed Purchasing oxa8138@rit.edu
Zubair Faris Mechanical Systems Lead Engineer zbf9227@rit.edu
Ashka Saxena Communication axs7914@rit.edu
Gabrielle Stephens Facilitator ges1311@rit.edu


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