P20762: Agriculture Through Aquaponics

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Three Week Plans

Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase


Update any and all documents and tools needing revision following this review. Increase level of detail where applicable in test plans and the MSD II schedule. Reiterate peer review and conduct further analysis on how both the team and the individuals comprising it can continue to improve.

Dive into greater detail the use and application of various plant species to provide greater aeration for the fish. Continue to expand upon sensor research, specifically cost-worth analysis.

Expand nitrate cycling tests to include findings from aquatic plant aeration in our testing.

Summary: Ensure all plans, documents, resources, and research are prepped and ready to begin testing as soon as possible in MSD II

Project Location: The location for system testing has been confirmed in the KGCOE building basement.


Peer Reviews

The team peer review results from the Preliminary Detailed Design phase are below. Overall, review results and trends are mostly the same since the System Level Design phase. Bolded items are new.

Documentation is located here

Post Phase Peer Reviews

Peer reviews were also conducted after the design review at the conclusion of this phase:

Documentation is located here

Progress Report

Progress Report

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Nitrate Cycle Testing

Interview - Larry Buckley

Documentation for the updated CWA can be found here


Sensor System CWA

The working document for this can be found here

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations


Define instructions that will enable fabrication of the elements required to build and operate the entire system.

Documentation for the updated ERs and concept can be found here

CAD Models

Post Review CAD Models

The CAD models were updated after the Detailed Design review.

Bill of Material (BOM)


Confirm that all expenses and contingencies are afforded by the project financial allocation

Test Plans


Demonstrate objectively the degree to which the Engineering Requirements are satisfied



The documentation for all tests can be found here

Design and Flowcharts

This section should continue to be updated from your systems level design documentation.

Risk Assessment

The working document for risks can be found here

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

Final Detailed Design Schedule:


Updated plans for MSD2:

Subsystem Testing

Management and Planning


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