P20762: Agriculture Through Aquaponics

Preliminary Detailed Design

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3 week plans:

Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase


Our expectations for this phase is to focus on further development of our systems design proposal, with specific attention being made to our high-risk components, the rope pump and water wheel. We plan on expanding upon our feasibility studies for both our high-risk components as well as further development of our architecture and development of the support system for the filter and PVC piping. We also expect to further our prototyping of nitrate cycling by beginning to use live goldfish in our tests and monitor their vitality. By the end of this phase, we plan to have completed feasibility studies of our rope pump and water wheel system and have begun implementing it on our actual system by applying the knowledge we gain through this phase on further developing our systems architecture. We also plan on establishing a preliminary BOM and further develop our project test plan. Through adherence to identified project risks and maintenance of the project deadlines and deliverables, we will successfully complete the preliminary detailed design phase.


Peer review trends have been analyzed from the previous two phases: Documentation can be found here.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Updated Engineering Requirements

The updated ERs are below:

Obsolete ERs are as follows:

The working document for updated ERs can be found here.

Flow Rate Calculations

Sensor System Research

Nitrate Cycle Research

Plant Aeration

Working document

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation


  1. Confirm that the selected concepts can deliver functionality defined by the System Architecture.
  2. Define the optimal values of the most sensitive design parameters.
  3. Support the evaluation of your team's concepts with quantitative information.
  4. Make decisions about design drivers.

Ergonomic Assessment

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Cost Worth Analysis

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations


Define instructions that will enable fabrication of the elements required to build and operate the entire system.

Updated System Sketch

CAD Modelling

Bill of Material (BOM)

The working document for the BOM can be found here.

Test Plans


Demonstrate objectively the degree to which the Engineering Requirements are satisfied

Design and Flowcharts

Concept Changes

Old concept:

New concept:

Risk Assessment

The following tables contain the major risks for this phase. The first group are archived risks, and the second are the current top risks.

Working document

Design Review Materials

Plans for next phase

Schedule results from this phase:

Plans for next phase:

Documentation for scheduling can be found here.

Detailed Design Vision

Summary: Ensure all tasks, documents, resources, and research are prepped and ready to begin testing as soon as possible in MSD II

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