R09450: Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace


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R09450 - Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace

The mission of the Sustainable Technologies for a Global Marketplace roadmap is to develop a series of projects that can perform a variety of maintenance solutions on industrial equipment in remote and harsh environments as well as be used as a tool for research and development, education in the classroom, and graduate studies. Each of the projects will use sustainable design principles to achieve customer goals. The projects within the roadmap shall be incorporated and iterated every year by multidisciplinary senior design students to make improvements and create additional functionality.

Administrative Information

Project Family
Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace
Project Number
Primary Customer
Dresser Rand Corporation
Academic Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Edward Hensel
Team Members
A. Neranjan Dharmadasa -ME
B. Casey Dill -ME
C. Kevin Klucher -ME
D. Rishitha Dias -IE
E. Eric Mac Cormack -IE
E. James Brown -ME
F. Colin Roy -IE


Sustainable Technologies AY 2007-08 AY 2008-09 AY 2009-10 AY 2010-11 AY 2011-12 AY 2012-13
Remote Health Monitoring -Reciprocating Compressor Install, Revamp, and Interface -Preparation for new compressor arrival -Data collection on compressor -Diagnostics -Wireless monitoring of DAQ
Robotic Arm -3 fingered hand -5 fingered hand
-Wrist motions
--Hydrolic Implantation
-Underwater capabilities
-Advanced tool use
-High Pressure Build
-Improve Controls System
-Remote Control -Use with Robotic Platform
Underwater Robotic Platform -Underwater Thruster
-LED Lighting System
-Design New Platform for Open Source
-Develop Underwater Testing Module
-Improve Existing Platform and Interface -Scale up to Dresser-Rand Expectations -Integrate Robotic Arm and Optimize Design
Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery -Energy recovery from D-R Vectra Gas Turbine -Make improvements on current test stand -Simulate sea bed conditions -Scale and install on compressor -Meet load requirements
Flow Visualization - Table top test stand - Develop impellers and diffusers - Scale to D-R compressor -Develop high speed imaging module -Integrate systems on D-R lab compressor -Characterize flow for failure modes
Process Improvement Innovations -Value Engineering in Manufacturing Facility

Stakeholder Interviews & Notes

To assess the needs of the stakeholders, interviews have been conducted. The stakeholders include RIT Faculty, Dresser Rand Corporation, other companies that needed remote maintenance in harsh environments, past Senior Design students and future Senior Design students.

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