R12410: Harvesting Energy From Moving Water


Harvesting Energy from Moving Water

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This group will be creating a roadmap of projects aimed at harvesting energy from water. A pair of Fall/Winter MSD teams are working to develop a water kite and a towing platform to test the feasibility of harvesting water from a moving body, with the goal of testing in the RIT pool. Potential future applications, to be determined by the team, include development of a smaller scale flow table or tow tank, devices to test in these environments (microhydroelectric systems, for example), and applications on-campus or in developing nations. This team will require support from ME and ISE students.

This group will be focusing on harvesting energy from moving water.

Roadmap Number
Planning Term
Fall 2011, Quarter: 2011-1
Family MSD I Start Term
Fall 2012, Quarter: 2012-1
Family MSD II End Term
Spring 2013, Quarter: 2012-3
DPM Students
David Sonneborn
Jared Dodge
John Burns
Katelyn Cerankosky
Matthew Owens
Peter Goebel
DPM Roadmap Guide
Mr. Gerry Garavuso
Dr. Mario Gomes, ME Faculty
Prof. Ed Hanzlik, ME Faculty
Environmental Protection Agency
Technology Development Roadmap
PART 0 - Benchmarking and Background PART I - Customer Needs Assessment PART II - Roadmap System Architecture PART III - Individual Project Readiness Packages


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