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Wallace Library Facilities

Wallace Library Redesign for Usability Project Group: The Wallace Library typically sees 16,000 people pass through its doors each week, and provides 24/7 study space during exam weeks. The library is currently in the midst of large-scale changes, as the concept of what a library is and does evolves. One of the library goals is to repurpose and improve the current library facility to meet patron needs or accommodate collection evolution. An area of immediate focus in this effort is the layout of the first floor, currently home to Reserve books, student work space, the Idea Center, and the Scholarly Publishing Studio, among other things. The library would like to redesign this area in order to make more and better use of the space. The DPM team is charged with developing a clear needs statement based on student needs and how the library wants to respond, and proposing possible solutions for improved flow, improved layout, ways to provide the resources most needed by students seeking space for meetings/collaborative work and quiet independent work, and making the space more appealing to students in general. This must be done within the constraint of maintaining or increasing the number of individual student work spaces. The end goal for this DPM team is to deliver a set of options to the library at the end of Spring quarter (with no immediate intention to pursue the project through MSD). In order to do this, the team will need to review the usage information he library already has, and will most likely have to collect additional objective data on library first-floor usage to supplement this. Based on observations, the team will develop and evaluate concepts in order to propose options to the library. Contact: Ms. Shirley Bower, Director of RIT Libraries, slbwml@rit.edu

Wallace Library Special Collections Project Group: The Cary Graphic Arts Collection is part of the Wallace Library that focuses on special collection of manuscripts and printed works, and wood and metal printing type, and printing presses. This diverse collection provides many possible opportunities for engineering student project work, none of which have been explored at RIT yet. Examples range from the creation of historically accurate working replicas of printing presses, to climate monitoring and/or control for sensitive materials, to the development of related hands-on activities for ME students in classes such as Dynamics of Machinery or Strengths of Materials I/II (Mechanics & Design of Machine Elements, under quarters), to altering the layout of the space to encourage use of the facility. Contact: Dr. Steven Galbraith, Curator of the Cary Library, skgtwc@rit.edu

Roadmap Summary Roadmap Information
RIT Libraries is comprised of the Wallace Library, the Cary Collection, and RIT Archives

RIT Libraries is comprised of the Wallace Library, the Cary Collection, and RIT Archives

Roadmap Number
Planning Term
Spring 2013, Quarter: 2012-3
DPM Students
Brian Grosso (ME)
Steven Di Gerardo (ME)
Daniel Anderson (IE)
Katy Wurman (IE)
Marie Revekant (IE)
Sarah Duman (IE)
DPM Roadmap Guide
Prof. John Kaemmerlen
Shirley Bower, Director of RIT Libraries (slbwml@rit.edu)
Dr. Steven Galbraith, Curator of the Cary Library (skgtwc@rit.edu)

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