R14600: Design of Friction and Wear Test Equipment


Design of Friction and Wear Test Equipment

Dr. Iglesias is a new faculty member in Mechanical Engineering, whose research focuses on wear and friction of materials, metallic and polymer matrix composites, nanostructured materials, and the use of ionic liquids and liquid crystals as lubricants or additive of lubricants.. Her current research plan is to utilize her experience in tribology and ionic liquids to develop new lubricants and surface treatments or coatings to improve the wear resistance of gearboxes and bearings of both land-based and off-shore wind turbines. DPL students working on this project will propose design projects that will result in test equipment that can be used in Dr. Iglesias’s lab. For example, one immediate priority is:

Reciprocating sliding contact test rig Design and build a wear and friction monitor to test various metals under reciprocating sliding contact at various load and sliding frequencies, under dry and lubricated (with oil and grease) conditions. The specimen is loaded and then reciprocally slid against a fixed counter body. The basic geometry of the contact is ball-on-plate, but other geometries can be accommodated by using a range of simple clamping fixtures (pin-on-plate, cylinder and plate). A linear displacement between ball and flat, perpendicular to the contact, is induced by a sliding sample table. The normal force is kept constant during testing. The friction force is continuously measured and stored. Equipment will conform to ASTM G -133-05, ASTM G-181, ASTM –D-5706-05, and ASTM-D-5707-05.

Additional reference information is available at http://sirius.mtm.kuleuven.be/Research/Equipment/Chemical/Fretting.html

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