R14701: ME Machine Shop Opportunities


ME Machine Shop Opportunities

The Mechanical Engineering Department at RIT is looking for opportunities to improve ME Machine Shop facilities (including the Machine Tool Lab and Machine Shop) and procedures, with a goal of being recognized as one of the top university machine shops in the nation. The department would like to work with a team of ISE students in support of this goal. The student team is charged with (1) benchmarking and background research related to university machine shop capabilities and activities, (2) data collection on current RIT-ME machine shop usage levels and procedures, (3) identifying and collecting input from relevant stakeholders, (4) proposing procedures that will improve the flow of work through the shop and our ability to collect usage data in the future, and (5) making initial recommendations about potential areas for improvement.

The preliminary list of stakeholders includes Dr. Hensel, Dave Hathaway, Rob Kraynik, Jan Maneti, ME faculty members who use machine shop resources, ME students who use machine shop resources for classes, and ME students who use machine shop resources for club activities. The team should consider all the roles of the machine shop, including educational activities, research-related activities, facilities work, and support of extracurricular activities.

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Spring 2135
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  • Brian Church
  • Lucas Sychtysz
  • Katie Baldwin
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