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Autonomous vehicle technology is coming to RIT! A series of Senior Design projects is currently underway to turn a standard golf cart into a golf cart that can drive autonomously. Our team is planning to take the project forward from its current state toward a vision of full autonomy.

Our team created a more concrete goal for the project that fulfills the major objectives of the customer. This goal is that the existing golf cart will be used as a tour vehicle to give tours of the campus to visitors such as prospective students.

The process of giving a tour of the RIT campus to visitors includes following the defined route, avoiding obstacles on the route, informing the user of campus landmarks and trivia, and returning to the start point when the tour is completed. In order to reach this goal, the following 4 independent PRPs are created:

Avoid Moving Obstacles
Cart successfully avoids moving obstacles.
User Safety and Cart Durability
Cart protects users and bystanders from harm. Cart can function in inclement weather like rain.
Create Tour Route and Database
Cart follows route and relays speech to user at certain way points.
User Interface
Create system whereby users can interface with the cart.

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Links to P15241 Phase A: Remote Control and P15242 Phase B: Sensors

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Roadmap Name
Autonomous People Mover
Roadmap Number
Project Family
Vehicle Systems and Technology
DPL Planning Term
Spring 2015, Semester 2145
MSD Start Term
Fall 2015, Semester 2151
End Term
Spring 2016, Semester 2155
DPL Students
Eric Paterno
Peter Hajosch
Patrick Bayly
Steven Smith
DPL Roadmap Guide
Mike Blachowicz

Team Members

The DPL Team

The DPL Team

Member Role Contact
Eric Paterno Mechanical Engineer emp5132@rit.edu
Peter Hajosch Mechanical Engineer pjh5717@rit.edu
Patrick Bayly Mechanical Engineer pmb6256@rit.edu
Steven Smith Mechanical Engineer srs3329@rit.edu

Table of Contents

Voice of the Customer Voice of the Engineer Individual PRP Creation



Team Values and Norms


Affinity Diagram

Objective Tree

Customer Requirements

VOC Presentation


VOE Presentation

Avoid Moving Obstacles

User Safety and Cart Durability

Tour Route and Database

User Interface


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