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Current Downloads

Draft documentation -- see Mycourses for current documents.

Senior Design I

Engineering Notebook Overview

Microsoft Excel Files

Customer Needs Template

Specification Template

QFD example: Drill QFD

Blank QFD Template

Printable QFD Template

Concept Selection Template

Microsoft Word Files

1-Page Project Summary

Team Ethics

Working Together as a Team

Design Review Template

Agenda Template

Getting Started with PCBExpress

Project Readiness Package Template

Test & Assembly Plans -- Guidelines

Microsoft Project Files

Sample 3wk Plan

Note: Microsoft Project is available in the EE Senior Design Lab, the ME PC Lab, and the Gleason Computer Lab. You are not required to use Project to build your own team's schedule, but it is a fairly straightforward tool made just for this application.

Microsoft Powerpoint Files

Sample Organization

Needs Assessment

Developing Specifications (Using QFD)

Concept Generation

Concept Selection

Noise Immunity - Practical Design Considerations - Save Link As ppt

Input & Output Circuits - Practical Design Considerations - Save Link As ppt

System Design Reviews

Detailed Design Review

Adobe PDF Files

Sample 3-week project plans: Three Week Plan 8.5 x 11 Three Week Plan 11 x 17

Project Reviews

Senior Design II

Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL):

Microsoft Excel Files

Microsoft Word Files

Purchase Requisition

Purchasing Guidelines

Conference Paper Template

Two sample conference papers: Sample #1 Sample #2

Copyright relase form

Sample conference paper review form

Within Team Peer Evaluation.doc

Microsoft Project Files

Microsoft Powerpoint Files

Tips for creating an effective poster

Two sample posters: Sample #1 Sample #2

Technical paper workshop presentation

Additional (much more detailed) tips on writing a technical paper

Adobe PDF Files

Project Reviews

Design Project Management

Needs Assessment Presentation