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EDGE is an open source environment to aid product design and development teams with their collaboration on design projects. The EDGE site is being developed primarily for use with the RIT multi-disciplinary capstone design courses, but we eventually hope to extends its use to other courses and application environments.

Development Team

The EDGE web site and design environment is intended to grow over time both in level of content and in sophistication. Eventually, our goal is to release the EDGE design environment as a series of open source tools. EDGE is being developed for hosting on an Apache web server, using a MySQL database engine, and the PHP scripting language. A variety of open source packages are being built upon for this environment.

Web Site Development

Content Development

Under Development

This web site remains under development. Please be patient as it is developed. Feel free to send me an email with difficulties encountered at, or to submit a bug report using the bug tracker (bugzilla).

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