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About RSS

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a protocol to allow a server (in this case, the EDGE site) to generate a list of news items (the list is called a feed) that can be viewed by an RSS client (called a news aggregator or just aggregator because they can combine many feeds together).

Using RSS on EDGE allows any guest of a project to monitor the project's repository (or any particular file within) for changes. The news items you receive depend on which feeds you choose to monitor.

Using RSS in conjunction with Subversion is a powerful method to keep track of what other members of a project are doing in real-time and helps coordinate efforts. If you are waiting on a document to be committed, you don't have to send emails to communicated, you can simply monitor the file (or the whole repository) for changes by its RSS feed. When the changes are committed, your RSS aggregator will display the change log and a list of the files changed.

RSS Aggregators

Here is a list of known-working RSS aggregation programs:

GUIs for Microsoft Windows
RSS Bandit
Mozilla Thunderbird
GUIs for UNIX-like
Mozilla Thunderbird