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In general terms "Wiki" is a Hawaiian word meaning 'quick'. The term was first used to describe a method of web-site development in 1995 by Ward Cunningham. Wiki technology is used extensively on this site to allow rapid, distributed development of content.

Wiki Development

Development of pages in a wiki should be a natural process of explaining information. The text-based structured markup used by wiki pages facilitates rapid creation of informational pages.

Each page should have a single topic and its content should be restricted to that topic. Because of the ease of page creation and linking, if one page discusses a related topic, a link can be created to that topic to allow the reader to quickly refer to other material.

Because any editor of a project can write a wiki page, the wiki method allows information to stay as up-to-date as possible.

Wiki Markup

Unfortunately, because of the distributed and ... nature of the wiki idea, there is no standard for markup. This site uses a variation on the commonly-used MediaWiki markup. This is specified in the Supported Markup node, with examples in Wiki Markup Examples.

Successful Strategies

Each project member has domain-specific knowledge related to the project. As development is occuring, keep track of information using private wiki pages.

These pages can be invaluable for quick exchange of textual information for both project members and administrators.

EDGE-Specific Information

The EDGE site provides two areas for wiki development. Each project's top-level web directory contains all web content for the project, any project guest can view this content and any editor can alter it.

Within the web directory is a public directory. It is this public space that is available for anyone to view and is managed by a project's curator.

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