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If you have difficulty understanding the material here, your may first want to review the EDGE Page Layout to understand where the different types of content will appear in your web browser on your computer screen, so that you can locate important parts of a page. EDGE is accessed through an internet browser such as Explorer or Firefox.

Gaining Access to the Web Site Rather Painlessly

RIT students, staff, and faculty will normally use their DCE account to access the EDGE website. Off-campus users may log-in using the username "anonymous" and entering their email address for the password.

Off-campus users who wish to participate actively in projects may request an EDGE user account that is separate from the DCE campus-wide account. Corporate sponsors may want to get their own EDGE account.

Customizing Your Personal EDGE View

You can control some aspects of your view of the EDGE website.

View Info

In the left hand navigation bar, you will see your Name listed. If you click on the link View Info you can determine what projects you currently have access to, and whether you are able to simply view (guest), or modify (edit) the project's contents.

Edit Info

In the left hand navigation bar, you will see your Name listed. If you click on the link Edit Info you can modify your personal settings. In particular, you can change the spelling and appearance of your name, and enter an email address. If you do not set an email address, you will not be able recevie automated mail messages trough the EDGE web site. Please note that you should write the complete email address such as and not simply echeme in order to insure delivery of your messages.

Observing Projects

Example navigation bar with some projects being observed

Example navigation bar with some projects being observed

Although any user can view the public web space of a project, getting to that information through searches every time can be awkward. To make this easier, you should observe your frequently-access projects to put them on your navigation bar (nav-bar), as shown on the right. Your observed projects are put in the nav-bar to make their access easier.

Observing a project also lets the other members of a project know that you have interest in it. When a project announcement is made by its coordinator, they can choose to send the message to observers as well as the project's editors.

Getting Started With your Personal Projects

If you already have a good idea of which projects you should be involved with, contact the admin of those projects to gain membership.

If you don't know the names of the projects you want to access, try searching through the Project Information script to find them.

How to actually modify your project page

How to Add a Simple Document to your website

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