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Bidding Process

For definitions of these terms, see Project Organization


The procedure for students to place bids for projects is:

  1. A student uses the Openings script to search for an opening that they like. Record the Opening ID number.
  2. The student follows the link from the opening to the Bids script, where they enter their qualifications for the Opening ID that they are interest in. Students may place bids on multiple openings, and each bid will be interpreted to mean that the student is equally interested in each opening.
    • Students may alter their own bids after submitting them, until bidding closes.


The procedure for faculty members to review student bids is:

  1. Prior to the beginning of each quarter, a project's admin creates one or more openings for the project using the Openings script.
  2. Bidding is opened at the beginning of the quarter.
  3. Students are notified when the bidding period will conclude.
  4. After the bidding period ends, the Senior Design Committee closes bids for editing and collects all bids.
  5. The comittee decides which students should be members of which projects
  6. The memberships are created on specific projects within a track.
    • Typically the student memberships are editor, guest, observer
  7. The bids and openings are destroyed