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Correcting File Extensions

Correcting Mime-types Within Your Subversion Repository

This note assumes that you have installed the TortoiseSVN Graphical User Interface Client on your computer, and that you have created a local "sandbox" by "checking out" files using Tortoise. If not, please see Subversion Help.

You may have found that files uploaded to your EDGE project website using the wiki editor do not have the correct file extensions. (Only text, Word .doc, and Adobe .pdf files will upload with the proper file extensions). Simply put, the wiki method of uploading files does not have the "smarts" to assign the mime-type when using the upload feature. If, instead, you uploaded files within your project repository with Tortoise, you will not need to correct file mime-types.

To change the mime-types (or file extensions) using TortoiseSVN, right-click on the file that you want to fix and find "properties" on the Tortoise menu. When you select "properties" (near the bottom of the menu), a box will appear for the selected file that has two columns: "property" and "value". One of the properties (probably the only one) will say "SVN:mime-type", and its value will be "application/msword" or something else (like "octet stream"). Click on this property line to highlight it and you'll notice that the "edit" button becomes active. Click "edit" and you'll be able to change the property value.

The basic mime-types that you will likely need (preceded by "application/") are: msword, mspowerpoint, msexcel, msproject. Alternatively, you can insert a hyphen between "ms" and the application type; for example, "ms-powerpoint". For an exhaustive list of mime-types, see online

Once you change the mime-type, select "OK". Then you'll need to "commit" the file back to the repository using Tortoise.

For more information about mime-types, see

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