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Here is a listing of general help topics associated with the EDGE web site itself. The topics are sorted by their task complexity, from "beginner" level to "advanced" level.

Reading the help topics in the order listed here will generally be the easiest for newcomers, while more experienced users may use the linked nodes as references.

EDGE Beginners

Basic Operations - This page will grow into the very first starting point set of instructions for EDGE users. Users who have recently started using the EDGE site and are now editors of the resources pages are particularly encouraged to added content to this page, to help others get familiar with the site.

About EDGE - Information about the Engineering Design Guide and Environment and its origins.

EDGE Nomenclature - Learn about nomenclature, terminology, definitions, etc.

EDGE FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. If editors post questions here, then we will try to have knowledgeable people post answers as well!

EDGE Intermediate

EDGE User Guide - Currently empty. The User's Guide is intended to provide a more sophisticated introduction than is presented in the Basic Operations section. Would anyone like to help write content?

EDGE Script Guide - An explanation of how to get started with using the EDGE scripts.

EDGE Advanced

More information will be posted here as needed.

Other help topics: Wiki Help | Subversion Help