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EDGE User Guide

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This node discusses the basic aspects of the EDGE system. More detailed information is found by following links in the Help area Index.

Anonymous Access

The default view of provides non-secured, anonymous access to public web spaces of any EDGE project.

This non-secured view always operates under the "anonymous" username.

Logging in

The EDGE system uses a unified authentication system across it's CGI, DAV, and WebSVN interfaces. Any URL that uses SSL (https prefix) will require authentication to access (through a browser or a Subversion client) its content.

There are three classes of secured users:

DCE users
Users with RIT DCE accounts can simply use their existing information to access EDGE materials
Non-DCE users
Users without DCE accounts can be added to an EDGE-specific user database by one of the EDGE project Administrators
The "anonymous" username is reserved to allow secure, but un-authenticated web access

Logging out

Because the EDGE system uses a unified authentication system, the user's session is a matter of the client web browser remembering the authentication username and password throughout the user's browsing. When the user wants to log-out, it is a matter of convincing the browser to forget this session information.

There are two ways to cause a log-out:

Close the browser window
All common browsers will forget secure session information when they are closed
Follow the "Log-out" link on the navigation bar
This sends an "access denied" message to the browser, which will cause it to forget the session information and possibly re-prompt for authentication

How Projects are Created

Project Review Process

Student projects are initiated via a Project Proposal Form

The Project Proposal Form is reviewed for

Skill sets
Sponsorship availability
Resources required

The proposal is either accepted as a student project or revised and discussed with the original submitting entity

Once accepted, the student project is posted to the EDGE website and openings are created for that particular project within the Track it was categorized as belonging to

Those openings are then available for bidding by students interested in the Track it was categorized as belonging to