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Family Information

A "family" is a group of closely related projects, which are all focused on a particular application. Project families are typically built around areas of common interest held by one or more faculty members in the College, regardless of what discipline or technical background they may be from. Often, a family of projects is closely aligned with a particular technology track.

P07000, P08000, P09000 and P10000 Assistive Devices Family sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

P08020, P09020, P10020 Artificial Organ Family.

P08040, P08050, P09040, P09050, P10040-50 Bioengineering Fundamentals Family.

P07100 and P08100 METEOR Family sponsored by Harris Corporation.

P07120, P08120, P09120 Micro-Air Vehicle (MAV) Family sponsored by RIT MAV Club.

P09140, P09230, P10230 UAV Family sponsored by ITT Space Systems and RIT Mechanical Engineering.

P07200, P08200, and P09200 Modular Scalable Robotic Vehicle Platform Family sponsored by the Gleason Foundation and RIT Mechanical Engineering.

P07220, P08220, P09222, P10220 FSAE Autosports Family sponsored by RIT FSAE Club.

P07300, P08300, P09300, P10230 Modular Scalable Systems and Controls Family sponsored by Harris Corporation, Polaris Corporation, and RIT.

P07400 and P08400 Sustainable Technologies for Developing Countries Family sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations.

P07420 Sustainable Technologies for the RIT Campus sponsored by RIT Facilities Management.

P07440 and P08440 Next Generation Thermoelectric Systems Family sponsored by RIT Mechanical Engineering.

P08450, P09450, P10450 Sustainable Technologies for the Global Marketplace sponsored by Dresser-Rand Corporation.

P07500, P08500, and P09500 Printing Systems Family sponsored by Xerox Corporation.

P08540, P09560, and P09570 Image and Color Science Family sponsored by RIT Imaging Science.

P09700, P10700 Wegmans Process Innovation Family sponsored by Wegmans.

''(Within each project family, the faculty are offering several inter-related projects).