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All EDGE access is controlled through project membership.

Each membership is a single unit of access to a project. A single user may have multiple memberships to multiple projects. Membership is managed through the Membership script.

Access Types

Each membership has an associated access type, which is one of the following (in general order of authority):

Note that memberships are not hierarchical; a curator shares no access permissions with an editor.

There is also the pseudo-membership of Public, which is what a non-member is allowed to access.


Restricted users cannot access any information within a project (although they may access information about the project). Restrictions should be avoided, although they are available.


Public "members" are anyone who is an EDGE user. A user in general can view the public web space[1] of a project and attempt to execute any of a project's scripts.

Public user are restricted to viewing/running only one revision of the respective files. This revision (the public revision) is set by the project's Curator.


Observers are users interested in, but not necessarily active members of, a project. Observer access puts the project in the user's navigation bar for quick access to the project. Observers can also show up in a list of members for project-wide emails.


Guests are allowed to view any revision of a file within the project's repository. Although only the web space[1] files are available through the EDGE web interface, the guest can use WebSVN or a Subversion client to view any project file.


Editors can alter any file in a project's repository. Those in the web space[1] can be changed through the web interface. Other files must be changed through a user's working copy of the Subversion repository.


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Curators can change information about a project. They can also give any user Guest or Observer memberships to the project.


Administrators can give users any membership to a project.


  1. a b c Anything in the /web directory of a project's repository is it's web space