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Page Layout

On the EDGE site, page is used to refer to the current view in a browser window.

The rough layout of each wiki-style page on EDGE is given below.

Page layout box drawing

Page layout box drawing

The items in the layout are as follows:

Navigation bar
This is common to every page and is customized to the user
Here is a link to the bug tracker page to make it convenient to report problems with the site
The logo is a link to the main EDGE node as a way to "back out" and get to familiar territory
Project list
This is the list of user's observed projects
The header contains primary information about the current node being viewed
Parent path
This is a link to the directory containing the currently-viewed node
It allows the user to see what sibling nodes are available in the current node's path
Node title
This is the title (filename) of the currently-viewed node
Scripts can add information to the title to show what action they may be taking
Node body
This is where the "meat" of the page is
The parsed-and-rendered contents of a node is displayed here
The footer contains secondary information about the current node
Action list
Here is a list of actions that can be performed, depending on the user's membership in the node's project
Node information
Some basic node information is shown here (such as the node's last modify time and author)