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(Y/N)  FORMTEXT       If yes, briefly describe previous work and current status  FORMTEXT     Project Track: Please indicate by an X whether or not you think the project would fall into one of the following broad categories:  FORMTEXT      Aerospace FORMTEXT      Automotive FORMTEXT      BioEngineering FORMTEXT      Controls, Communications FORMTEXT      Other  Brief summary of project objectives/goals/deliverables:  FORMTEXT       Rough time frame preferred for completion:  FORMTEXT      Detailed description of project objectives/goals/deliverables. PROVIDE AS MUCH DETAIL AND DESCRIPTION AS YOU WOULD LIKE. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO PROVIDE INFORMATION IN EACH CATEGORY. FEEL FREE TO INCLUDE FIGURES, GRAPHICS, AND OR TABLES. Presume that you are explaining this to a person who is NOT NECESSARILY FAMILIAR with your professional background. The form field text boxes should allow you to enter information as you would like. The objective is to try and obtain as much information as possible regarding your understanding of the project and what you feel are important considerations relative to its successful completion It is useful to consider the following factors in terms of the project so that decisions regarding feasibility can be made in as an informed manner as possible. Development Implementation Utilization Environment in which activities will occur  FORMTEXT 68:NPR\^`df, 0 2 F H J T V X     " L n p hOh jhysDUmHnHuj\hysDUhysDjhysDUhzjhvaUjthvaUhqjh/{HUmHnHujhvaUjhgYUhgYha2bdfX Z \  4 6 < > f z dh$IfgdO & FgdFHJgdE & FgdFHJp@A   & ( * 0 2 4 6 P T : < > @ T V X b d | ~    λڷַڠΒ΋ڀΒ΋uΒ΋jhOUjhOU hOhOjhOUmHnHujhOUhFHJhOhO5hysDjh QUjDhOUjhOUh QhOjhysDUmHnHujhysDUjhysDU,z |  KSkd2$$Ifl0x< t644 la dh$IfgdOSkd,$$Ifl0x< t644 la  , ^ ` KSkd>$$Ifl0x< t644 la dh$IfgdOSkd8$$Ifl0x< t644 la   ( * < \ ` b v x z  "$&.^`bvxzϼyuqi^ijJhysDUjhysDUh>xWhzhqmHnHuhFHJhFHJmHnHujh/{HUmHnHujhvaUhgYjhgYUhhahysDhqx_jhOU hOhOhWxhOjhOUmHnHujhOUjhOU# p},9FgdWZ & FgdFHJgdESkdD$$Ifl0x< t644 laS 246VU dgdM & FdgdW & FdgdMgdE & FgdFHJ^gdysDgdWZz~&*,02468SUVTU * սvfVIhWhFHJOJQJ^JhMhW56OJQJ^JhMh56OJQJ^JhWhJQJ^JhMhz5>*OJQJ^JhWhWOJQJ^JhWhOJQJ^JhMhW5>*OJQJ^JhMhM5>*OJQJ^Jh0hahzhqhFHJjhysDUhFHJmHnHujhysDUmHnHu* T X _ !!!!!"8 8 88̼̼̼ܢykiXPhWhY5 jhWh/{HUmHnHuUjhWhvaU hWhYjhWhYUhWhY6hWhz5 hW5>*hWhaOJQJ^JhWhFHJOJQJ^JhWhz5>*OJQJ^JhWhW5>*OJQJ^JhWhWOJQJ^JhMOJQJ^JhWhzOJQJ^J      Role of those requesting project  FORMTEXT       Role of those developing project  FORMTEXT       Role of those utilizing results of project  FORMTEXT       Resources available for project (facilities, personnel expertise, funding, services)  FORMTEXT       Resources required for project (facilities, personnel expertise, funding, services, software, hardware, instrumentation)  FORMTEXT       Specific, unique or specialized materials required for project  FORMTEXT       Unique or critical specifications related to performance of project deliverable(s)  FORMTEXT       Integration of previous work or available technology, systems or development  FORMTEXT       Potential benefits for participants  FORMTEXT       Potential liabilities for participants  FORMTEXT       Agency, organization, standards bodies, approvals (i.e. UL, IEEE, FDA, FCC)  FORMTEXT       Funding sources  FORMTEXT       Intellectual property (IP) considerations  FORMTEXT       Anything not mentioned already  FORMTEXT            RIT Multidisciplinary Senior Design Project Proposal Template  FILENAME ProjectProposalTemplateRev18Jul06.doc Page  PAGE 3 of  NUMPAGES 3  8z88f9::V;;<=>|>@??@p@t@v@z@|@@@@@@@ A$a$gd9 & F 88d^8gdW8N8R8T8h8j8l8v8x8z888888888:9>9@9T9V9X9b9d9f9z999:::(:*:,:6:8:N:^:v::(;*;.;0;D;ݨݚz䶐j hWhWUhWhz5hMha5>*j hWhWUj hWhWUhWha5 jhWhWUmHnHuj2 hWhWU hWhWjhWhWUhWhW6hWhB5.D;F;H;R;T;V;;;;;;;;;<<<<<<<<f=j=l=============>>P>T>V>j>Ž涨Ž涚Ž涌ńv愽j hWhWUhWhz5j^ hWhWUj hWhWUjv hWhWU hWhWhWhW6hWhB5hWha5 jhWhWUmHnHujhWhWUj hWhWU*j>l>n>x>z>|>>>???.?0?2??@?^?b?d?x?z?|??????????@@D@H@J@^@ù棕Ë}sesjhWhWUhWh(b5]j.hWhWUhWh`5]j hWhWU hWhWhWhW6 hWhqx_hWhqx_5]hWhz5]hWhz5 jhWhWUmHnHujhWhWUjF hWhWU%^@`@b@l@n@p@r@v@x@|@~@@@@@A A AA"A$AnApAvAAAAAAAAAAAÿÿÿÿxkcxVxhMCJaJmHnHuhWCJaJhWCJaJmHnHujhWCJUaJh9hWCJaJjh9hWCJUaJh9hWCJOJQJ^JhWjhWUmHnHuh-jh-UhWh(b5] jhWhWUmHnHujhWhWUjhWhWU! 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