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Subversion Clients

In general, information about and programs for Subversion can be found at the Subversion Home. Subversion is an opens source software product. If you choose to use this software package, you need to read, understand, and comply with the subversion license and terms of use.

Here is a short list of Graphical User Interface (GUI) clients to make Subversion working copies easier to use:

GUIs for Microsoft Windows
TortoiseSVN - This is the recommended MS Windows client for EDGE users at RIT
GUIs for Unix-like
GUIs and plugins for Mac OS X
ZigVersion - free license for non-commercial use available
Subversion Client and Server for Mac OS X
SCPlugin is a third-party client that integrates with the Finder in a manner similar to TortoiseSVN
svnX is an open source SVN client

If you are using a GNU/Linux distribution, you should use your distribution's package manager to install your Subversion client.

The Subversion Home website has extensive documentation on how to download and install your own copy of the program.

You can read the FAQ for the subversion package for more background.

If you wish to take full advantage of the version control capabilities of the EDGE web site, you will need to have a subversion client installed on your local laptop or desktop computer.

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