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Subversion Help

Here is a listing of general help topics associated with the EDGE subversion access. The topics are sorted by their task complexity, from "beginner" level to "advanced" level.

Reading the help topics in the order listed here will generally be the easiest for newcomers, while more experienced users may use the linked nodes as references.

Beginner Topics

Subversion Nomenclature - Learn about nomenclature, terminology, definitions, etc.

About Subversion - Information about the "subversion" open source version control system and its origins.

Intermediate Topics

Subversion History - Review the history of changes made to your project by all editors.

Advanced Topics

Subversion Clients - Learn how to install the subversion package on your own computer.

Subversion Sandbox - Learn how to create a local sandbox, or working copy, of project files on your own computer.

Correcting File Extensions - Learn how to repair file extensions for files uploaded with the Wiki editor.

Managing project files - Learn how to organize your project's file repository on EDGE.

EDGE Quick Start Tutorial -- Topics Include: Using the Wiki Interface, Editing simple text notes, Creating links to wiki nodes, Creating links to images, Creating links to MS Office documents

EDGE Version Control Tutorial -- Topics Include: EDGE Subversion and Engineering Document Revision Control, Installing Tortoise SVN on your computer, Making a Sandbox on your computer, Checking out a project to your sandbox, Using the Public area of your repository, Using the Private area of your repository, Creating your own directories, Setting file types from tortoise svn, Using the revision control history

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