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Subversion History

The EDGE web interface allows you with a mechanism to view the modification history (change log) to those projects of which you are an editor.

If you wish to review the change log to your project, first navigate to the home page of your project, using the navigation bar in the left hand window of your screen and indicated by the Green Arrow in the graphic. Then, if you are an editor of the project you have selected, you will see an option for History as indicated by the Red Arrow in the graphic. Select the "History" link.

Screen capture of how to locate the subversion history.

Screen capture of how to locate the subversion history.

After selecting the History link, you will navigate to a new window, which will have a different "look and feel" than the EDGE web site. The window will look somewhat different because we are using a set of callable libraries to take advantage of the subversion capabilities, and not re-writing all of this code locally.

At the upper left hand corner of the new window, you will see the name of the project (and the corresponding subversion repository). Immediately below that, you will see the path, revision number, date, and reason (or message) for the most recent modification to any file within the repository (or project).

Screen capture of the History of the Resources project.

Screen capture of the History of the Resources project.

After navigating to this point, look in the "Log" column of the table. If you see a particular file of interest in the column labelled "Path" you may click on the link "View Log" to see an entire change history of modifications to that particular file. Thus, every editor of a project can view the modification history of the contents of each project. In EDGE nomenclature, we talk about "Projects" -- in subversion nomenclature, every "Project" has its own unique "Repository", and we use the identical naming convention for both. Thus, "Project P07200" in EDGE is named "Repository P07200" in subversion.

This screen, in EDGE, does NOT allow you to modify the contents of the repository, but only to VIEW the contents of the repository, or the change log of modifications to the repository. If you wish to use the more sophisticated tools of the versin control system, you will need a subversion client installed on your own computer.

Note that the Curator of a project defines which version of the Project is publicly displayed for other people to view. Observers can ONLY view the version that has been approved by the Curator. Guests can view all versions during the project history. Editors can make changes to the repository contents.

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