Senior Design I: Multi-Disciplinary Senior Design I


See the Course Deliverables Page for an overview of project phases and associated activities.

The course grade will be assigned based on the MSD I grading rubric in conjunction with the criteria for required features/functionality that were defined at the start of the project in the Project Readiness Package (PRP). The rubric contains expectations of student performance throughout MSD I, which will be used along with the specific deliverables and deliverable dates that appear in the students' project plan/schedule. Project deliverables must be consistent with customer needs, deliverables defined in the PRP, and with the guidelines provided on the Course Deliverables Page.

Regardless of the points total you achieved on the grading rubric, if your design does not incorporate the criteria (features, functionality) defined in the PRP for the corresponding letter grade (A=90+ points, B=80-89, C=70-79, ...), your grade can be no higher than the level defined within the PRP. If no performance levels were defined within the PRP (or original requirements document), then your final grade will be based solely on the rubric score.

Team members document individual contributions through weekly status reports, weekly team meetings with the Guide, the Engineering Logbook, and peer evaluations (see grading rubric). The Guide may request peer reviews after each major deliverable or at the end of the quarter. 16 points of the course grade is based on participation and contribution to team activities: