Senior Design II: Multi-Disciplinary Senior Design II

Course Deliverables

Deliverables are listed with proposed weeks implemented. General guidelines and examples for each discipline are included below deliverables. The exact deliverables and due dates will depend on the specific project and will be documented in the project plan and schedule. Phases are consistent with the six phase product development process described in the Ulrich and Eppinger text 'Product Design and Development'.

Objective: Following the product development process, build an alpha prototype and demonstrate performance meets specifications. Fully document alpha design and verification testing.

  1. Phase 3 Detail Design: Finalize full system design, resolve remaining design issues. Design Review 3 (if needed). (wks 1-2).
    • EE / CE: PCB layouts, thermal management, cabling, packaging.
    • ME: Every component specified and analyzed, checked against budget and schedule.
    • ISE: Time measurements, work flow tracking, etc.
  2. Phase 4 Testing & Refinement: Full feature / function alpha prototype. Finalize test plan and assembly/manufacturing plan (wks 3-6).
    • EE / CE: Assembled PCBs, PC interfaces, etc.
    • ME: Prototyped system.
    • ISE: Prototyped system.
  3. Phase 4 Testing & Refinement: Design Verification testing. Execution of detailed test plan with results documented. Prototype demo (Function and Performance Review. (wks 7-9).
  4. Phase 4 Testing & Refinement: Poster (wk 8-9).
  5. Phase 4 Testing & Refinement: Project Review. Generation of technical paper that cover customer needs, specifications, highlights of design, results of design verification testing, and future work (wk 10).
  6. Phase 4 Testing & Refinement: Design History File completion (EDGE web site). (wk 11).

See the MSD II deliverables timeline for an overview of week-by-week deliverables.

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