TEAK: Traveling Engineering Activity Kit



TEAK Contributors

Faculty, staff, and nearly 50 students from across RIT have been involved in the development of The TEAK Project.

TEAK Instructors

These students worked as instructors, teaching TEAK content to pre-college students in area classrooms or summer camps
Name Major Where are they now?
Tess Ambrose Mechanical Engineer
Shauna O'Hurley Electrical and Computer Eng. Tech. RIT student
Anna Murray Mechanical Engineering
Mallika Ramaswamy Industrial & Systems Engineering GE
Christopher Crowley Mechanical Engineering Lockheed Martin
Sheryl Gillow Mechanical Engineering Wegmans
Heather Godlewski Mechanical Engineering US Navy Civilian Projects
Felix Feliz Mechanical Engineering
Konrad Ahlin Mechanical Engineering
Catina Jelfo Mechanical Engineering
Shellae Sampson Computer Engineering
Betsy Khol Industrial & Systems Engineering
Rachel Arquette Electrical Engineering
Sarah Duman Industrial & Systems Engineering
Bridget Eggers Mechanical Engineering
Jen Green Information Technology
Olivia Robertson Electrical Engineering

Lesson Plan Development

These students developed original lesson plan content
Name Major TEAK Kit Contribution
Mallika Ramaswamy Industrial & Systems Engineering Energy & the Environment
Timothy Schreifer Mechanical Engineering Energy & the Environment
Melissa Zaczek Mechanical Engineering Energy & The Environment
Nicholas Ryczko Mechanical Engineering Energy & The Environment
Patrick Kelley Computer Engineering Energy & The Environment
Shannon Perkins Industrial Design Energy & The Environment
Michael Sterling Electrical Engineering Energy & The Environment
John Wocial Industrial & Systems Engineering Energy & the Environment
Rich Liccion Industrial & Systems Engineering Bioengineering
William Scorse Mechanical Engineering Bioengineering
Nicholas Dalton Mechanical Engineering Bioengineering
Eugene Koon Electrical Engineering The Bionic Eye
David Gao Electrical Engineering Hearing Aid Design
Sheryl Gillow Mechanical Engineering Xylophone: Materials Selection
Heather Godlewski Mechanical Engineering Sound and Amplifiers
Bryan Lozano Electrical Engineering Electronic Keyboard and Filters

Website and Graphics Development

These students contributed in developing software, web content, and graphics for The TEAK Project
Name Contribution Where are they now?
Joe Dube TEAK Squad Graphics, original logo
Kristen Curtze New TEAK logo and flyer design
Blaine Byers Energy and Environment facts and figures
Patrick Kelley Original TEAK Energy & Envrionment website
Geoffrey Brown TEAKTown website
Brendan Kapsimalis TEAKTown website
William Minsinger TEAKTown website
Aaron Pfeifer TEAKTown website
Kevin Visalli TEAKTown website

Faculty and Staff


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Partial support for the TEAK Project is provided by the National Science Foundation’s Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program under Award No. 0737462.


Partial support for development of the TEAK Energy & Environment kids was provided under an American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Senior Projects Grant