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Request for Proposals


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Multidisciplinary Senior Design (MSD) project in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering!

This program offers an opportunity for sponsors to work closely with student teams, to enhance the capabilities of RIT's engineering students before they enter the job market. We are actively seeking projects for our multidisciplinary engineering teams. By supporting the MSD program in this way, companies gain visibility with engineering students for possible hire and networking opportunities with RIT faculty.

Projects involve teams of 4-6 students from Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, Industrial & Systems, and Mechanical Engineering who work for two semesters (fall-spring, spring-fall) to design, implement/build, and test a functional prototype of a device or process. To review previous MSD projects click here.

Project Guidelines

Submission Process

Use this template and skills checklist for a first draft of your proposal, and submit electronically to Beth DeBartolo. We’ll assign a faculty member to work with you on a final draft. For reference in terms of appropriate scope, you can look through our Current Projects and Project Archives to see what other teams have done.

Completing this is a non-trivial exercise because we want to be sure that the project scope is appropriate and the needed skills are reasonable for seniors. To do so means that you should think about some design options (concepts) so that we can create a list of key tasks and required skills.

New projects start each fall (end of August) and spring (end of January) so the proposal deadlines are as follows: